Superdish signal went to 0 ?


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May 6, 2004
We did a self-install on a Superdish we bought from ebay. Long story; the Dish installer was unwilling to install a dish up here. The Superdish didn't have the DP34 with it, as advertised. We contacted the seller, and later, he sent us a DP34, but it was a Microyal brand, not Dish brand. We're not sure if it's a bad switch.

We got it working, on satellites 110, 119 and 105 for locals. It worked for almost 2 weeks. Then one day, they all went to 0 signal. We ran a new wire, re-aimed.

This is why we suspect the switch. After we ran the new wire, and it still didn't work, we started as if from the beginning, unhooking it all, then putting 119 in port 1 of the DP34. It said that there was 112 signal strength. But 110 said wrong satellite (112 strength) and 105 was 0. When we put the 110 in port 1, it said no connection when we ran check switch, and the check switch function went from 1 to 50 (instead of the regular 1 to 3). It didn't recognize the switch.

We ran check switch again, and it went from 1 to 3, and it picked 119 up again, over 100 signal strength. We tried putting 105 into port 1, and it said no connection after running check switch. Something seems weird about it, and we don't have any tv.

This is a very condensed version of the story; we've been dealing with this for over a month. Any ideas, comments, criticisms are welcome.
Thanks in advance, JDS
Software has been pushed for many recievers lately.. maybe they blocked recognition of the MicroRoyal switch. Anyone else have any other experiences?

I'd say bypass the switch, and run a wire straight from LNBF to Reciever to make sure all three are still OK. If so, then you would have to go get a DP34.. or a reciever. if you run into any problems straight wiring the LNBF's, try a different rcvr to eliminate it from being bad.

Now all you need is a signal meter and a shirt with a Dish logo and you can pass off as a technician.

Need some help with setup

would this work for a temp dp+44 switch?

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