Survivor 42

This season is much better than last. But I still hate all the stupid gimmicks. Give me old school survivor. None of these dumb possible advantages/idols. It's lame.
This season is better than the Sh#$ show last fall, but damn, I just want Survivor back. Sure, don't give them food, have a few immunity idols, and just let them play the game.

Thankfully I like the players better this time. Except Maryann. Oh, please just shut up. :)
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The first two players got voted off because of their personalities. Not because of their race. and yet it turns into a totally fact-deprived tribal Council.
But ok with who went home. She was annoying As hell. And Maryann needs to go if just to provide peace for everyone else from the constant yammering.
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I certainly hope casting is much better for the seasons soon to film... and they knock off the political crap
These casts are entirely intentional. It’s the modern CBS.

Notice Jeff has not said “come on in guys” and no one has mentioned it. Not once, But he had to make a big deal of it last season, sparking co troversy that didn’t even have to happen. Hell, I would t have even noticed if he just said come on in….

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