Survivor 46

I need to consult with experts on Survivor here.

I don't understand why the rules allowed, during the INDIVIDUAL Immunity Challenge, for Liz to stop her puzzle-making task and go back to the start of the challenge to get Kenzie's board so Kenzie could get a correct count of holes. This action resulted in Kenzie winning the Immunity Challenge. This single action probably changed the whole outcome of the game since Maria never won immunity.

On what planet is the above fair or make any sense at all?! After all that, then Maria votes as she did in the Final Vote. Like some others in the jury, Maria focused on a single action of another player for her vote decision instead of analyzing the entire season of play as they are supposed to.
Apparently not against rules, I kinda blew a gasket at first on that. They do peek at each others puzzles quite frequently. Boston Rob got penalized for looking and lost deal or no deal island because of but he wasn't listening to the rules as they were read.
Charlie would have voted for Maria, but she picks Kenzie because of her fire making.
I listened to Jeff's fire podcast yesterday where they interviewed Ben, Charlie and Kenzie.
Ah..but my online research indicates many believe it IS against the rules in past anyway. Probst has stated as such on the air in past. There have been examples of verbally helping others but never of physically helping others. I sense a lawsuit coming from Maria. She would be within her rights to argue that the breaking of the rules directly caused her to lose the season and it's a reasonable argument. Survivor has been sued in past over their show's history and have settled out of court.

Maria & Charlie were presented as "beyond friends". For her not to vote for Charlie must have been a huge disillusionment for Charlie in humanity. You could see it in Charlie's face after the final vote. If he ever talks to Maria again, I'd lose respect for Charlie. To top it off, the tiebreaker would have been officially broken by Ben...and he says he would have given the win to Charlie.
Finally watched the finale. I’m ok with the outcome. Overall, not impressed with the new generation. Not sure from the previews 47 will be much better.

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