Survivor 43

I get really tired of the same thing over and over. They need to continue changing things up slowly to keep it fresh. My other problem is the past two seasons has been selecting participants and highlighting them to push their race and LGBTQ agenda.
I wanna see a season with
3 camps starting out and
Scramble all of the camps after each tribal
Without regard to which camp had an elimination.
I'm bored with the 'my first tribe' alliances.
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I am thrilled with the outcome.

But had he been up against Jesse, in the final, a different outcome. I love Gabler. Really do. But Jesse's tribal council blindsides were among the most epic in the history of the game.
And he was so smart - never once told anyone he had an idol. Unlike practically every other person in the game.

Yet, Gabler played a rock solid game, and were it not for James vote, would have literally had the perfect game, of not a single vote against him.
One more thought - finally watching the reunion. This group is SO MUCH better than the last two seasons. It's a really impressive group.

And Noelle Lambert is such a bad ass.

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