Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

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  1. I've decided I like Crissy, although the skinny guy who had the idol in his pants is good too.
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  3. If they aren't careful, Chrissy could win.
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  4. I like her chances also...
  5. JP handled it well, but was in shock at Ponderosa, Joe took it better and got a bonus visit at Ponderosa... Great acting by Ben.
  6. Very good tribal. I won't say anymore because it is the night of.
  7. That was the craziest episode. Next week looks like it could be just as crazy.
  8. Incredibly stupid moves by Lauren, Ben better find another idol...
  9. Good one,
    "]Hated to see her go, glad Ben found another idol..."
  10. Another crazy title. They are letting Chrissy take the $1 million.

  11. Yep, She is on the fast track unless they wake up...
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