Survivor's Sandra/Christa: dumbest girls on the planet?

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Sep 6, 2003
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Arrgh. Johnny Fairplay has taken a stronghold on game control. If Burton gets smart, he'll orchestrate Jon's banishment next week. Them girls had better figure out stuff before they are all gonesville. I can't believe they wound up believing Jon about Tijuana and voted her off when they had Burton out.

I also can't believe Sandra let Christa take that blame about the fish. This was a tough episode to watch for me. I can't stand Jon, but I have to give him credit for working EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
Just finished watching last wednesday episode. Sandra & christa are very stupid believing Jon. They both could have taken control of their destinity had they voted out burton. Not the shift of power has shifted to Jon and burton. Jon will not win the game. He is doomed by jury. The jury already knows that he lied about his grandmother. That has to be very low in everyone's book no matter what...
Ransack said:
the jury doesn't know he one does but the producers and members of the show.

Really!! So the Jury will unawared about his lying. That makes everything spin in another direction. :eek:
Yup, only Jeff Probst and the production staff know about the lie...what a dirtbag John is....
Guess we have to realize it's a game, right? This is the way it's played and has been played since the first season. Give him credit. It was a great scheme and I've been wondering how long it would take before someone got the bright idea to plan something like this. Kudos to John for playing the other contestants like a violin.
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