Suspending my D* Service

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Mar 21, 2006
I'm sorry if this has been discussed before but I'm seriously thinking of doing something about the "quality" (NOT) of my tv viewing.

I now have D* for the simple reason that I need the Sunday Ticket to watch my Steeler games every Sunday out here in Kansas City.

Have the basic service otherwise except for the HD package for the Discovery HD, ESPNHD, etc. And the HD Steeler games, when available.

As like everybody else, I hate what D* does to HD. It is terrible in quality and I don't see an end in sight.

I have my own HD receiver (HD100) and no D* committment.

Can I suspend my D* service from February thru August and utilize Time Warner Cable for better HD quality during the non-football season and then re-activate D* and ST during the season?

I've read about folks who suspend for periods of time due to RV'ing in the summer months and figure this would be similar.

Any thoughts?

Has anybody else done this?

Thanks in advance for any and all ideas.

Even if you tell me I'm nuts!
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Jan 21, 2006
JIM,Yes you can suspend service. The thing to watch is when you come back(if ever) is knowing D* they will probably put you down for a 2 year commitment.They (based on other reports) may not tell you this so I would try to record or have written proof as they have a way of not finding anything that they said or promised later!


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Jul 21, 2005
Memphis, TN
Jim, a CSR told me recently that account suspensions can last up to 6 months with one 3 month extension. I didn't ask whether I'd have to reactivate for a minimum time period in order to deactivate again. I read on another post that a number of people who subscribe to NFL Saturday Ticket do this so they can renew it in the fall.

Like the other poster said, I'd recommend that you confirm any stipulations or conditions BEFORE account suspension. Good luck...j c


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Aug 27, 2005
There is no commitment renewal (or addition) involved in suspending your service. Not that I'm aware of. :D

We can extend an account up to 240 days, and ask that you keep the account active for a minimum of either three or six months (memory fails; I'm a tech agent, so I don't suspend service for customers all that much.) I can check and make sure, though. :D

flight planner jim

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Mar 21, 2006
Thanks for all the replies, Guys!

And Gals, if applicable.

Sounds like I shouldn't have any trouble doing the suspension thing for other than NFL season.

Several have said to have the "no commitment" condition put in writing, but I doubt that D* people would/could do that.

I wonder if a screen print of their suspension matter would help.

It's not that I'm trying to steal service or anything like that but just looking for good quality HD more of the year without going to the poor house to do it.

I would probably suspend from Feb. 1 thru Aug. 31 and then have it active the rest of the time (5 months). Chris, do you think D* would have a problem with that based on your experience? If 6 months is the minimum for activity, I could do that.

I already have TWC for Internet service so tv service during the non-NFL time would be "bundled" and be a good deal.

More thought/comments are most appreciated.



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Jan 24, 2006
You can suspend and unsuspend at any time. Officially they may say you can only do it once a year for up to 9 months but last summer i suspended for 2 weeks off then two weeks on then two weeks off and 2 weeks on again just so I could have half price bill for those months.

had locals on dish network alacart to get me by the dry weeks :)

I'm suspending mine this year for the whole summer and got lifeline cable and the dish network family package instead this year, total of about $32 per month compared to $55 for my TC+ with dvr from Directv.. in september I'll go back to Directv.

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