Swap to ATT gigabit from Mediacom cable

Discussion in 'Broadband Internet' started by gadgtfreek, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. We waited for ever to get better HSI in our area and Mediacom came in last summer so I signed up. I had hear so-so things about them, and the first couple of months were bumpy with speeds. They overexpanded I guess.

    Things smoothed out, and around Dec they updated my speeds from 150 down to 200 down with no more cost, but since then the variance in what I get is consistently lower than it was download wise. For a couple of weeks now the best I can do is about 60 down, where it was running in the 150's, but they say nothing is wrong.

    So, ATT came in a few months after Mediacom with fiber, and offers gigabit for a very good price. I signed up for it last week and have an install on Thursday. Be curious to see how close to 1000 down and up I get, and if it is more reliable than Mediacom. Ive been happy with Mediacom tv and their tivo, but for what I am paying for 200 down advertized, I can get a gig down from ATT.
  2. Pretty neat, fiber into the home to this large power center thing a ma bob. Just using wifi around the house its about 200 down and 200 up. Netflix network test on the blu-ray app hit 150, never seen it hit over 50 before LOL.

    Connected via gigabit adapter (laptop to router with cat 6) it shows 600 down 800 up. Very impressed, and it seems a lot more stable than cable run after run.