Sweeeet! HBO-HD and Showtime HD to move to 110


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Sep 13, 2003
According to Charlie, they're moving on Dec. 19 from 61.5/148 to 110....so I don't need to put another dish up!! 8)
This is actually bad news. It means two less new channels that he could have put up if he kept HBO and Showtime on the wings. Many, if not most, current HD viewers already have a wing dish. Dish's inability to put HD on 105 is having the feared repercussions as far as HD goes. Really sad. All those new HD channels we could have had if the 105 blunder hadn't occurred.
Jerry G said:
Really sad. All those new HD channels we could have had if the 105 blunder hadn't occurred.

What new HD channels? Charlie just said he's already carrying everything available :( Yep, really sad.
I thought this was the best CC yet. I especially liked the ESPN Promo, but that was only surpassed by the poker game home movies. He could do more with that hour if he would hold a bake sale.

I also appreciate it that Charlie saves me all that money, His announcement will delay me spending $1000 this month for a 921 and I can now dump some of my Dish Programming rather than sub to the AEP I was planning on had he announced Cinemax HD and Starz HD.

I just had an install Saturday, and was charged $100 for the 2nd dish. Dish told me while registering the units the charge stands wether i subribe to locals or not. I did not get the locals, but wanted the HBOHD & ShowHD so i paid the charge. My impression of the first chat I watch is these people are out of control.
well they njust lost me as a customer..cant get 110..on to VOOM,,it's nice to know 2 years ago i spent $$$$$ for the 6000 and an install+8psk module...thanks loads dish..oh customer service kept telling me(even the higher ups) you woulnt lose the hdtv service thats still there will be mirrored for at least another year...LIARS!
Did they say they will keep them on side birds as well? If my 5000 cannot receive them off 61.5 then I cannot record and then I have no incentive to stay with E* for HD, unless they can get the bloody 921 out.

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