Switch DTV dish to DishPro LNB


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May 25, 2004
I need some instruction on changing the LNB on my old dave dish. I heard you can do it if you have a KTI dish with the "D" tube lnb mount. How do I tell what I have?
Aaahhhh. That's easy enough. Duh. Yes, I have a D tube mount. So, then all I have to do is buy the dishpro LNB and change it? Or is there still something else I have to do?
Assuming the Dish receiver you're getting is DP compatible, that's it.

One question - why not just go buy a Dish 500? It'll be just about as easy to install and makes 2 satellites available.

OR, if this is for a 3rd satellite being added to a Dish 500 system, then you'll need to get a switch - either DP21(s) or DP34 depending on the number of receivers. If the 3rd satellite is to get your locals, I believe Dish will come out and do that for you.
Yeah, this is a third dish. I'm running a dishpro 500 system for 110 and 119. I'm trying to get 61.5. I have a dp21 switch because I only have one receiver. Someone told me I could use my dtv dish as is for 61.5, but I'm beginning to think that's only if you're a legacy user. When I hooked up my dtv dish as is and ran a check switch, I got NC (no connection;no satellite feed).

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