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Jan 26, 2004
When the 921s come out of QA hold I would like to hook it up to my Dish 500. Right now I have DISH 500 with two lines coming out of it. One line goes to my 501 and the other to my 4900. I need two more lines for the 921. Would type of switch do I need to get for my DISH 500 to work with all 3 receivers? Do I need a DISH PRO adapter for my 4900 when I get new switch? Is installing the switch easy enough for a do it yourselfer? Thanks for any help.
Since you have a 4900 working, that tells me you have legacy, not DishPro, LNBF's. A SW44 or SW64 is likely what you need, using the DP34 and DishPro adapter would require changing out the LNBF's for DishPro.
Conflicting Information

I don't know whether I have legacy or not. How can I tell? Is the telltale the fact that I have a 4900 working with no adapter? Are these switches available on ebay or somewhere else? What is difference between 44 and 64? Thank you all for educating me.
Yes, if a 4900 is working without a DishPro adapter then it is plugged into legacy stuff.

SW44 = 4 inputs (2 satellites) to 4 tuners, SW64 = 6 inputs (3 satellites) to 4 tuners. Two inputs per LNBF because the legacy equipment gets odd and even transponders on separate feeds. (technically either feed can be either odd or even, it's the switch that decides)

Typically a SW44 connects to dual LNBFs on a Dish500 for 119 and 110, a SW64 adds 61.5 or 148 on an additional dish antenna.

I've seen all of this stuff for sale on ebay recently.

Thanks Pepper:

Sounds like I need the SW44 and a DISHPRO adapter.

Is it possible that I already have a SW44 with only 2 receiver leads coming out? Where would that switch be? Would I have to take off the LNB cover to see it? My DISH is on my roof so I dont want to be climbing up there if I dont have to take something apart.
No, you're still confused :)

You don't need a dishpro adapter since the 4900 is already working. Just the SW44.

Looking at the switch test info on any of the existing receivers will tell you what type of equipment it is. Based again on the fact that you have a 4900 which is pretty old, I'm guessing it's probably two SW21's, sometimes the installers mount them on the back side of the dish antenna. But the switch test will tell you for sure. If that's the case, you will have to climb on the roof and find them, replace with the SW44, and run the additional one or two cables from its 3rd and 4th outputs.

Also, the SW44 has a "power inserter" module which is placed between the SW44's output 1 and the first receiver, (preferably inside the house).

The diagram on page 128 of the 721 user guide (I'm more familiar with the 721, I have one, but the same install diagrams work for all models) can explain it much better:


Or, you can accomplish the same thing by swapping the existing LNBF's with a Legacy Quad (page 127)

I recommend going over the entire chapter before trying to do it yourself.

I will check switches but after looking at p127 that looks like what I have. Does it make sense that they would have only run the two lines down since that is all that I needed at install?

Will let you know after I climb up and take a closer look and check switches.

Looking at p127 and 128 it is not obvious why the SW44 is needed. Is the secret in the QUAD LNBF on page 127 the way it is internally wired and the connector that attaches to it. If it is as simple as it looks on p127, all I need to do is connect two lines to that connector and run down along side the existing lines then go into the 921, without need for any switches.
Ok, you have a Legacy twin on your Dish right now, judging from your original post. You can't use a SW44 (needs 2 duals). You need to swap the twin with a Legacy Quad (sw44 is built internally). If the LNBF is Dishpro, it'll have a Dishpro logo on the back of the LNBF (You'll see it when you walk up to the dish). Legacy LNBF's will be straight blue/gray. Swap that out and you'll have 2 more ports for your 921.
Legacy Twin Vs Quad

You know this is like another language that I have to learn.

The picture on p127 of the 721 manual saids QUAD LNBF and I think that is what I have. I am going climbing tomorrow to take a picture of it to be sure. But according to what you say...if I have a QUAD LNBF the SW44 is built in and all I need is two more lines plugged into it.

Not sure why you said that I have a Legacy twin.

Appreciate all the help you experienced people give us new people.

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