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Dec 16, 2003
I think I may just purchase my 811 straight from my local guys..say they have in stock.

Whick means install myself probably.

What switch will I need...I want to run 811 and my DVR (model # unknown) on the same television. I know I probably need to run separate coax right? I have Dish 500 but do not know if it is Legacy....how do I know?

Under my deck is a splitter, one goes to living room, one to bedroom, is this a switch?

thanks in advance.
Go to Menu 6-1-1 and run a switch test if it does 38 tests it is a Legacy if it only does 2 or 3 it is Dish Pro. The switch test should also tell you what switches you have and what satellites you receive signals from.
How many receivers do you currently have active?
I would like to do the same. I have 1 receiver w/ Dish 500. I also want to add a OTA what after market Diplexors work with Dish. Will the TERK stuff work?

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