T-Mobile New Tv Service "TVision Home"


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Well, this is a bit underwhelming. We've been waiting for some time for T-Mobile to unveil their own branded TV service and, for now anyway, they're basically just re-branding the Layer3 TV service that they've owned for a year or two.

Based on what T-Mo had said in the past, I was expecting that their service would be nationwide OTT, able to run on any internet connection. But that's not how Layer3, or TVision, works, for now anyway. They have to have an agreement in place with your home broadband provider in order to run over that connection. (Q: Does the data consumed in using this service count against whatever data cap you might have with your broadband provider?) Surely T-Mo plans to eventually offer TVision over their own wireless home broadband service, assuming that ever really launches in a big way, which T-Mo says is dependent on the Sprint merger going through. (Was the point in unveiling TVision now simply to build consumer support for the merger?)

Also disappointing that they're retaining Layer3's high-end channel package, feature set and $100/mo pricing as the only option. It's fine to offer that but I was anticipating that they would go where the market is heading and also offer skinnier, flexible, cheaper bundles too, with a UI that could blend that content together with Netflix, Prime Video, etc. (They do say, at least, that those apps are coming soon to the TVision box.)
$100 per month is too expensive considering you still have to pay for internet on top of that. I don't see this being successful at all unless they lower the price or offer it with a free 5g connection.
I'm interested to see what the final price is after all of the premiums. Basically I want every English channel on the system with two DVRs. Just like I have with Charter, just like I have with DirecTV. If (and that's a big IF) T-Mobile were to offer any service at all in my area, specifically the 4G speeds I know they're capable of in a fixed solution (never mind the 5G unicorn) along with a high end TV package for $270 or less, I would cancel DirecTV and HughesNet in a heartbeat as my secondary TV and internet providers.

Unlike with cellular, T-Mobile isn't including taxes into the TVision, but at least there are no below the line fees. And here in NY surprisingly, TV programming isn't taxed. The hardware is though. I pay $1.75 in tax on my DirecTV bill for the DVRs, no tax at all on the Charter bill, but there is the franchise fee.

Here's the official press release.
Meet T-Mobile TVision Home: BS-Free TV That Learns You
I tried the service for a couple weeks back in October when it was still called Layer3. The boxes are fairly speedy but unreliable. I was having to power cycle them every other day and they were missing about 10% of my DVR timers. They also don’t have trick play so you have to fast forward through commercials and then rewind when you overshoot. The picture quality was great however and the streaming feeds were pretty stable.

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