Tank on MOOV-HD Rocks-and I know!!


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Mar 9, 2004
My wife and I caught TANK the other night and we were very surprised with how good it looks. Especially since we've seen first hand the actual tanks used on the TANK program! We do volunteer work for the New England Aquarium in Boston and I'm a dive volunter and I've been in the GOT (Giant Ocean Tank) at the NEAq hundreds of times and I can say that seeing it on MOOV is as close as you'll get to the real thing!! The only thing better is jumping into that beautiful 72 degree, 200,000 gallon tank with an hour of air strapped to your back! The GOT is the big tank you see with the large tarpon, baraccuda, and sand tiger sharks. Most of the other tanks they show are different display tanks throughout the aqaurium. I wonder if they'll use any other aquariums, or maybe venture into the penguin exhibit at some point. We work there and we're glued to the HD set every night to catch it! I highly recommend anyone who enjoys the program and lives in the Boston area to see the tanks for themselves, then compare. Keep up the good work VOOM and the MOOVBoston team!!!!

Man I would love that job. :)

I love being in the water with the marine life.

I am actually going to the Bahamas in October and will get to spend a day with the Dolphins. I am so looking forward to that.

Last night was the first time I saw the tanks on VOOM. The picture was great although I didn't care for the sound they were using.

Enjoy that trip! Yeah- the sound isn't really that great- fake bubble noises like you're watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! Now there's an idea- an Irwin Allen channel!

Funny thing is there's no sound under there but your own breathing and your own thoughts. Usually we taunt each other when we jump in with some really bad old obscure song, because the last thing you hear usually runs through your head the whole time! Imagine an hour underwater with, " His horn went beep beep beep" running through your head endlessly! -Dan

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