TCL S435 Roku TV and dish remote 54.0 need some assistance (1 Viewer)

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Jun 12, 2007
Southeast Ohio
Hello all,
I have a TCL 55 inch S435 Roku TV that works well with a hopper with sling receiver and I could use the dish 54.0 remote to turn on TV and select the Dish receiver with out using the Roku remote. Recently I had to replace the hopper receiver and when the tech changed it out I cannot get the 54.0 remote to do what is stated above. I have tried all the codes with the TCL TV to match up with the Dish remote but I cannot reproduce what I had with the old receiver. I can turn on the TV and the receiver but I have no control over the TV after that. I have to use the Roku remote to get the TV to move over to the Dish box. Once I have done that the Dish remote works as designed. If anyone knows how to incorporate the two remote so I only have to use the Dish remote, that would be great. Sorry for the long post but I waned to make it clear what the problem is......Clear as mud...right. Thanks in advance.
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Aug 25, 2017
Pekin, IL
Typically, TCL is pretty simple. You can try the Roku settings. Although there aren't many of them or try to "teach" the remote but that's a crap shoot that typically takes several attempts before everything works.
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