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Claude Greiner

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Sep 8, 2003
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A little late night drinking Claude?
I think Scott or anyone who knows me can say without a doubt I have never had an alcoholic beverage.

The most alcohol I have ever had was when I was with Scott at the Las Vegas Hilton and we where at Quarks Bar at the Star Trek experience.

We had this green ale in a fish bowl with smoke coming out of it with several straws.

I think I had a sip of that.

But definitely not drunk


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Jul 11, 2009
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Hey Scott,

Any word if they will be either expanding the 3 external USB storage drive limit (I have 3 on a powered hub, but it won't recognize any more).

Also any word if they will be raising the 2TB limit on the external USB drives.

I started with 500GB and they have already filled fast. I had to play for a few days removing, doing a hardware clone of the old 500G drive to a new 2TB drive and then use Acronis Disk Director to expand the EXT3 partition from the 500G to 2TB. The good news is that once I put it back together, the receiver recognized the new with the more storage and I didn't lose any of the recorded shows.

The bad news is that it's a very specific multi-step process that take a real good working knowledge of EXT3, the right order to copy over the DVR Folders, set the permission and then use the partitioning tool to expand the partition to 2TB. Took me 3 days to get it all done, a couple tries didn't work right. I'm dreading doing it on my remaining 2 EXT's



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Nov 25, 2003
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The Fall is when its slated, but would not surprise me to see it early next year.

No it won't work with a Hopper, and no the Hopper won't see the tuners. :)
I wonder if DISH could add the Air tv app to the hopper? Then you could use the 4tuner Air tv Dvr with the hopper and you wouldn’t need the satellite locals and could still have “Primetime anywhere” for you locals , since you could record 4 ota channels at the same time. DISH should consider that as an option for both Sling tv and Satellite tv as well. Might even encourage subscribers who have satellite to stay with it a little longer.

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Any word if the AirTV 2 will include surround sound for OTA?
It’s basically the same unit as the original Air TV unit but has better WiFi support.

I never tried doing surround sound with mine as when I use it I am using it in my phone or at work where I do t have surround sound.

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