Tech Chat 2/9 - Boom Or Bust

cdru said:
Hey...Fort Wayne is coming up on Thursday. Who cares about the rest. :) Actually, with a 3 month wait for SD, I'll probably start looking forward to D* getting us up so I can switch. (See below)
My market has been uplinked since September, and most channels have been "turned over to the subscriber system". Why should you get yours first?
(All except WISE, that is.)

cdru said:
Someone said it would take close to 2 months to get everything worked out before things would be able to be used by customers. And a significant number of "released" cities are slated to be on 72.5 pending FCC approval. So D* can't really count their chickens before they hatch. They first should worry about getting it launched on time and successfully.c
D* will catch up quickly. I suspect most of the 41 markets will be online within 30 days of the satellite hitting it's slot.

justalurker said:

105 cannot be easily received outside it's odd footprint, but SuperDish 121 works fine.


In the words of Cartman, "Thanks for the news flash, Tom Brokaw"

I was responding to Bob Murdoch's statement

Originally Posted by BobMurdoch
5. The Superdish. First, scheduled to be the HD antenna, now repurposed to be the new locals provider. The 180 was necessitated by the (oops) failure of the bird to get a strong enough signal to the four corners of the Continental US (oops, California, Florida, Washington, and Main are out of luck for HD).

SuperDish also doesnt work in MN, ND, SD, Up of MI, and Northern WI

Both of us were referring to Dish 105
Iceberg said:
Both of us were referring to Dish 105
Perhaps you should be more clear. People will quote you forgetting the context. They will say "I read in a thread that SuperDish won't work in .... " when it isn't true.

SuperDish105 ... it is so easy to type, just rolls of the keys.



OTA Digital signal strength on the 811

Need help finding larger sized dish, few other questions

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