Need help finding larger sized dish, few other questions


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Feb 9, 2004
Hello, need a little help.
I had E* service about 2 years ago at my old house. When I sold that house I canceled my E* service. I moved a few times since then and have a house again. I have been thinking about getting E* service again. I ran into rain/snow fade a few times during heavy rain and snow at my old house, and it drove my wife nuts. So, I accepted the task of solving the rain/snow fade problem for my wife. So, doing some simple math, the obvious answer is a bigger dish. (Probably a close second is a good alignment, which looking back I think I did not have)

So, I was curious where I can buy a larger dish than the standard 20" E* dish. I was thinking in the 24-36" range (30" is sort of my goal), and dont want to break the bank doing this. I vaguely remember seeing a larger dish with a bracket where you could slide the LNBFs around on, aiming them at whatever you want. Cant seem to remember who sold or made them. Need a recommendation on what people here use or what is out there.

Also, I was curious what birds I should plan on picking up. 110, 119, and 61.5 (I want Sky Angel and the ability to do HDTV someday), so I would obviously need a second dish. Anything else of interest in the sky which I could point a LNBF at? Anything fun out there?
Find a used PrimeStar dish and put the Dish Network lnb where the Primestar lnb is at. I believe there is a bigger version of the Dish 500 out as well for those in Alaska/Hawaii.

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