Tell me why I SHOULDN'T do DHP


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Oct 13, 2003
With the 811/522 offers looking very attractive (40 months before the lease price outweighs a discounted 811 at $199 - 80 months at full $399) DHP seems attractive to me.

So what if they require a 1 year commitment? I'd have to do that for the discounted SuperDish or 811 deal anyway.

So with that said - tell me the bad sides of DHP before I plunge into it at 12:01am on 11/01.

Well, as with any major decsion, you can invoke a time-honored traditional test: Would your Mom approve?

I'm wrestling with this very issue... I used to say 'fooey' to any leasing for such things prefering to have a bailout option, but I've been a Dish subscriber for a long time and it's not likely I'm going to change, so (maybe) why not do the DHP?

And... while we're at it: Is DHP really only for new subscribers? If so, I can be fed up with Dish real quick and my wife would instantly want to subscribe. :eek: If Dish were smart they'd allow old subscribers to sign up for DHP no questions asked.
Just a quick warning. The rumors are that the new DHP will be delayed past 11/1/03.

I take it that the general release of the 811 is delayed until this time?

Do they ever offer swap out or upgrade options for DHP customers?

I think that you would actually pay about $10 extra per month - $5 more for you package and $5 for the 811 receiver.

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