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Sep 8, 2003
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From our friends at SkyReport.com

Low-profile Device Provides Quality Reception

Terk Technologies introduced its first satellite radio antenna for the home. The SIR6, the latest addition to their line of Sirius antennas, is a high-performance, outdoor antenna designed specifically for satellite radio reception in the home.

This outdoor antenna is manufactured for use with all Sirius home receiver and plug and play systems. For maximum installation options and usability, the SIR6 comes with a universal mounting bracket allowing home owners to choose from multiple installation locations: A wall-mount application, a roof-mount application or a mast or satellite dish application.

The antenna also comes with a detached cable for easy cable routing. For installations that require more than 30 feet of cable, Terk offers a 50-foot extension kit (SIREXT50) sold separately.

As with the rest of the Terk antenna line, the SIR6 is packaged with all necessary mounting hardware and connectors to ensure complete compatibility with all Sirius home systems. The SIR6 is intended for Sirius satellite radio subscribers who want to enjoy entertainment at home.

For more information on Terk products and how to become a retailer for the antenna company, visit http://www.terk.com.


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Aug 2, 2004
Home Antenna Connection Options?

I have a new Audiovox (Sirius) sat radio. Antenna reception is about 75% of the time. Will the Terk antenna or the Audiovox antenna adapt to the cable for Direct TV. (Coax) In other words, I have a DirecTV dish on the roof that I no longer use. The cable runs to the same location of my new Sirius unit.

Is there an adapter so the signal could run from Sirius or Terk antenna, connect to coax and then adapt back to the sat radio.

Any ideas?
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