Test Channel: 9301 Channel not Purchased ext. 721

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Aug 11, 2006
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I have read many threads concerning receiving channel 9301 but nothing on channel 9300.

My problem is just the opposite. I get programing on channel 9300 but have yet to receive anything but 721 message on channel 9301.

All other test channels 480,481,490,491,492,493,494 and 498 are OK.

I have tried resetting the receiver (H20) and nothing changes.

Does anyone else have this problem ?

Should I be concerned ?
i got programming on 9301, but error 721 on 9300.

perhaps they are tinkering with the billing?
Until they actually "flip the switch" and see what we got, I would not panic. Since we are not privy to what exactly they are doing or testing, it could be any number of reasons. I say "enjoy the one test channel that's working for you and let's see what unfolds over the next few days."
I think they are "tweaking" the system. Yesterday all channels worked just fine. Today all channels except 9300 are working. Nothing to worry about. I'll wait till they flip the switch to see what happens
I had channels last night, but I don't having either of them now. 480, 481, and 498 are good, though. I figure that if I have a problem tomorrow, I'll worry about it then. As "The Hitchhiker" said, Don't Panic!
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