test results of home-made superdish


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Dec 21, 2003
well..here i am with what i promised i would deliver. here is what i had:

a. one dish 300 with legacy dual LNBF, pointed at 110.
b. 2nd dual legacy LNBF on the same dish 300..yeah..attached with some good electrical tape. to pick up my 119
c. all the inputs are running into my SW42
d. my room gets one of the outputs. so, he gets 110/119
e. i need my internationals.. so i have another dish 300 with single legacy LNBF pointed at 61.5
f. output from SW42 and dish 300 pointed at 61.5 goes straight into the SW21. and i get 3-SATS on my receiver. 110/119/61.5


now that internationals are being added to 121 and more international channels in the forcast..here is what i did:

everything stays the same as above except:

a. dish 300 pointed at 61.5 is taken down and replaced by new 30" dish with single Ku-Band LNBF pointed at 121.
b. it was hard to pick up the 121 signal.. had to attach my dish lnbf and point it at 119 first and the switch it back to the Ku-Band LNBF and moved the dish to the right slightly and had to run "check switch". and there was dish 121.
c. the output from that dish replaces the output of the 61.5 on the SW21
d. so, output of SW42 and output of the new dish runs into the SW21
e. "check switch"...and there they were...110/119/121

System info:

I have echostar receiver 2800 running with the new firmware.
My 30" dish purchased online for $50. And Ku-Band LNBF for $12.


There are lots of theories...that this type of setting won't work..this and that.. well. i can tell you..i did it and it works. sometimes its just easier to try and do it yourself to find the solution.


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