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Jul 6, 2004
I have co-ax cable and it has been very troublesome some times it works and sometimes it doe'nt Is there a test you can do with volt or amp metre to properly test this line.Are r59 and r6 line connectors all that different?
I would just replace it with RG6. Home Depot sells RG6 in various size rolls. Also RG6 connectors can be bought in bulk.
Rg59 has more loss that RG6. In other words if you're using RG59 you're more likely to lose the signal if it's a long run. It's also not a good idea to have runs that are part RG59 and RG6.
Take cpdretired's advice and buy new co-ax and connectors at either Home Depot or Lowes. You can buy 500 feet for of it for about $50.
thank's but 1 more question

Thank's for the prompt reply.My house is wired already in the walls with co-ax,big job to re-run wire, can I test cable and how is this done
If you are losing signal due to signal loss due to RG-59 cable and long cable run, you can test the cable all you want, it will always test fine. Problem isn't BAD cable, but most likely the WRONG type of cable. DBS Satellite specifies RG-6 only. If you are having a consistant problem, the best bet is to replace cable with RG-6.
If you are using switches then that creates more of a problem when using RG-59 wire. I do not think it can handle all the commands going back and forth as RG-6 wire can.
If you just want to do a simple check you can do a few things with an Ohm metmer/continuity tester. This assumes that your shield is connected to the outer shell of the connector. You can either short one end and do a test or put something like a 50 ohm/75 ohm terminator and do a simple resistance test.

This is only going to confirm that your cable has connectivity, however it seems like that is not an issue. The other thing you can do is to test the center conductor to the outer shield. You should NOT have any connection. If you do then somewhere along the cable there is a short.

The only way to see if your cable is good enough for carrying a satellite signla would be to attach a signal generator that and receiver to the cable and do a frequency sweep. Not the easiest thing to do.
How can you tell if a cable is RG6 or R59? I'm having Direct installed tomorrow, but want to know what I'm currently wired with. I'm already wired through the walls, but I can access the splitter in my attic.
Well get rid of the splitter it can hurt performance some! Just have them run it straight run all the way in your house. I think RG6 is the best put he should be able to check that for you and just make sure they run the best that they have.
I will get rid of the splitter, right now it's split because its all coming from the cable/internet provider and goes to multiple rooms. I'll have the satellite run direct to just the living room. How long has RG6 been around?

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