What is my true south


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Mar 22, 2004
Hi all
I am in honolulu,Hawaii 96816.
I am try to find true south what deg is it?
My Latitude 21.29 and long 157.82.
I have the Fortec star 90CM dish a SG2100 dish mover and a Pansat 2300A receiver.
I been setting my true south at 170 deg ,I think that is wrong ,I get Gaxlary10r than I set t5 sat,when I go back to g10r sat not there so adjust dish get back gaxlary 10 sat than back to T5 no T5 .
I been going back an forth between g10 and T5 adjust one sat the other gone.
what is my true south satellite in Honolulu Hawaii ?
What is my true south deg.
What am I do wrong that i losing the satellites ?
Thank El
I get the below info, the Magnetic Deviation is a ball park guess at -13 follow Boba's advice there : )

True South satellite is at 158 W you will have to check the link below to get the closest live satellite to 158W.


I get your total elevation at 65.4 deg.
distance to satellite at 36290km
And with a guess of -13deg magnetic deviation
so you would point at around 167deg on a compass. still looking for your true south satellite. I would put on a dbs LNB and try for E* 1 at 148deg West. to get in the general area.
Hope this helps!