The best star-spangled banner at a sporting event..


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Oct 17, 2003
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Why? Have you actually listened to it? IMO, there is more "feeling" put into this Marvin Gay version than the majority of the monotone recitals that seem like the singer is more interested in "getting it over with" than putting actual feeling and meaning into the song. To me, the Marvin Gay version has much more of an impact.
AMEN!!!!!!!!! YES!! This is how i feel!


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Jun 1, 2004
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Absolutely not! Artistic interpretation is highly subjective...I just don't feel there is much room for interpretation when it comes to the National Anthem.

So you want the same...monotone, dreary, almost chant-like sound for the national anthem all the time?:confused::confused: There is only TWO other version of this national anthem that "used" that standard tone to that are worth listening to...Like stated before, Wayne Messmer and Whitney Houstons....that is it, the rest are cookie-cutter versions of everyone elses.

As HD stated.....those mentioned above had feeling.....and it was sung liked it was the last song they were ever gonna sing and they planned on putting ALL of their soul into every note and every word of the lyrics!:usa:yes:clap

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