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Mar 2, 2004
High Def Home Entertainment Announces First Adult HD DVD Titles

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Las Vegas, NV, United States, 04/18/2006 - High Def Home Entertainment (HDHE) announces the first adult HD DVD titles, including the original “Deep Throat.” This is one of two new High Definition DVD formats due out this year.
HD DVD is the first of two new High Def DVD formats coming to market this year, with players due out at the end of April, starting at about $500. The other format, Blu-ray, is not due out until September and could be priced as high as $1,500 to start. Both offer higher data capacity, enhanced security features and interactive menu capabilities, as well as of course High Definition playback.

HDHE’s initial HD DVD releases will include three formats on two discs. Disc One includes standard definition (NTSC), playable on any regular DVD player, along with a High Def version using Windows Media 9 – playable either on a PC (at least approximately 2.4GHz) or one of the already-existing but little known “WMV/HD” High Def DVD players (priced as low as $250, but still offering full High Def quality output!). Disc Two is the new HD DVD format, playable only on the new HD DVD players, but soon also playable through a PC-based HD DVD software player from Microsoft®.

The original and infamous “Deep Throat” will be among four releases the first month, followed by monthly releases of additional adult HD DVD titles. These first titles were recently released without the HD DVD version disc, and HDHE will continue to offer titles either with or without the HD DVD version (at a slightly higher price when included).

The HD DVD-included version will also feature a new box cover design to help identify High Definition titles. Likewise, HDHE is planning in-store merchandising and an up-coming promotional tour to key stores around the U.S. to show off High Def and help explain it to customers. Much confusion exists in the HDTV marketplace, and a brewing format war between competing High Def DVD technologies isn’t making it easier for consumers. As adult content has helped to bring new technologies to the masses in the past, it may again become a mainstay of the new formats.

Other than Deep Throat, which was shot on film, HDHE titles were all produced using professional-grade High Def cameras, rather than the “mini” HDV-type cameras as many other adult companies are using - which offer considerably lower quality.

HDHE and production company High Def XXX are also working with to soon offer a dedicated adult High Def downloads website. With network-attached devices, such as the High Def DVD players or even an XBox / 360, these will be viewable on an HDTV as well as directly on the computer monitor. A full press release on this will be forthcoming.

HDHE has been responsible for most of the adult High Def DVD’s on the market to date, and continues to push the forefront of technology.

HDHE also will soon be releasing mainstream High Def DVDs with similar multiple-format offerings.

heh :D


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Jan 20, 2006
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Now here's a thought. I would think the adult industry would choose the cheepest option of which format to support. This could kill Blue-ray


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Nov 27, 2003
Sony probably wouldn't let them use Blu-ray. They didn't with Beta or UMD, and look where those are.


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Why would anyone want Deep Throat on anything over DVD? Presing it to HD is a waste.


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riffjim4069 - OUCH!

If Sony is dumb enough to block porn on their media format again, they deserve to go down in flames.

The porn industry has the bucks. They've pushed many internet advances, particularly streaming video. If they see value in Blu-ray, they'll pay up. If Sony pulls another beta censorship ploy, we can write off BR. At least this time the longer playing time is the Sony format. But I seem to remember articles stating that some porn companies were leaning toward Blu-ray, and that might be the majority decision. This one will probably shake out in a year or two, and those sharp cookies will likely pick the winner.

September? I thought it was end of June? For the Blu-ray release, that is.

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