The Latest iOS News Thread

Nor my iPad Air (first version), still rocking iOS 12.5 while it can.
We finally broke down and bought a current ipad, the cheapest one. We don't use ipads that often, but my wife needed one to mount in her Tesla Model Y to entertain our 2 year old granddaughter when she travels with her several times a week. Her Gen 3 could work but it failed to play Netflix downloads with the ipad app. Netflix has an excellent children's section with download off line playback. I could download Netflix on the Gen 3 but the app would abort when we tried to play. Time to retire that beast.

I also have the original ipad that still works. Guess I'll keep it to see if it ever has collector's value. :D
This new iPhone OS that's been intro'd with much ballyhoo- looks like mostly a nothingburger, something to compensate for even less going on as far as hardware.