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Well I broke down and picked up a new iPad Air. I wanted to fix the mistake I made with my first iPad when I only bought 32 GB. That is just way too small for me when I travel and want to bring along a lot of TV. So, I got the 128 GB model.

But, when at the Apple store I also picked up:

I have to say it is an outstanding keyboard cover. It comes in 2 colors, it is real aluminum, and it matches the iPad perfectly. When you close it up it looks like a mini laptop. One thing I would like to see different on it is if the hinge would go all the way around so you could have the keyboard on the back of the iPad. It only goes 180 degrees. You can detach the keyboard and then clip it on the back. The magnetic hinge is nice, and the slot you put the iPad into when it is open is also magnetic and will carry the weight of the keyboard if you pick it up by the iPad. They keyboard is a bit small to type on, but I can type fairly quickly on it, much faster than the on screen keyboard.

The feel of carrying the closed iPad/keyboard is incredible, the smooth aluminum matches the iPad so well.

It has tiny rubber feet on it to hold it still when on a table (and I suspect to keep the aluminum off the table so it does not scratch).


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May 13, 2004
Apple pushes out iOS 7.0.5 update for iPhone

Apple released the iOS 7.0.5 update on Wednesday, a very minor update for iOS 7 that should fix network issues for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in China. The update comes less than two weeks after the launch of the iPhone on China Mobile. According to MacRumors, the update is only available for select devices, specifically those that are compatible with China’s mobile networks. This is the first software update since 7.0.4 in November, which also contained minor bug fixes, including a FaceTime issue that was said to affect every device. The full list of iOS devices that will receive the 7.0.5 update follows below:

iPhone 5s

A1457 (UK/Europe)
A1528 (China)
A1530 (Asia Pacific)

iPhone 5c

A1507 (UK/Europe)
A1526 (China)
A1529 (Asia Pacific)

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