The Mummy - Official Trailer (HD)

Discussion in 'Movie Talk' started by Poke, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Don't look to bad..

  3. Saw it this afternoon. I liked it.
    As usual what the movie reviewers don't like, usually means it's a movie I will enjoy.
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  4. The trailer I saw earlier this year made it seem like Cruise kept of doing Really Unwise Things while his girlfriend kept deciphering these warnings to not do what Cruise goes ahead and does. I hope it played out better in the movie!

    I'll probably see it solo as my movie buddy has already said he'd pass on it.
  5. The trailers don't do it justice. Russell Crowe kind of steals the show with his scenes as Dr Jekyll. He is supposed to be the link between the movies, appearing in the various Dark Universe installments, with Bride of Frankenstein with Javier Bardem and Invisible Man with Johnny Depp up next. There are hints in some of the scenes of other Universal monsters too. Tom Cruise actually did a good job in it.
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