The "new" FCC and OTA

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  1. It is my understanding the reason OTA TV exist is a FCC rule that requires networks to implement it.

    With the new Republican Corporate friendly FCC, is there a possibility that rule may be eliminated?

    They seem to have done everything possible so far to attack anything benefiting the general population.
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  2. I sure hope not

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  3. Some years ago I kind of thought OTA was on the downside. With the digital transition and maybe with 3.0 it will have a booming comeback. It still worries me that more of the spectrum has been gobbled up and sold.
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  4. Let's not get this sent to the Pit.

    I am sorry to see the auction. I am suspicious of ATSC 3.0. But I understand OTA is already seeing a resurgence. Good. More market.
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  5. Yes you are so right

    White house FCC Ethernet Pervaders can charge
    Whatever no cap's I hop everyone have big pockets
    It's time to boycott of vote on this big mess that the FCC
    has d u n for a long time now first they did it to ham radio
    MHZ,and ham gave a small p i c e of their MHz and the FCC
    Wanted more and ham told them to go pound sand lol
    Now the FCC is destroying the history of broadcasting
    OTA,it's time to vote and stop the FCC,only u can change it!!
  6. Punctuation is your friend, and it doesn't cost anything to use it. It took me 3 reads to make any sense out of what looked like an incoherent rant.
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  7. Because it uses the airwaves, it falls under the auspices of the FCC. The FCC was spawned from the FRC in 1934 to cover more than just audio broadcast. The FCC first stepped in to TV in the mid 1940s when TV stations were starting to interfere with each other.

    I'm not sure I understand how you think that the availability of OTA be changing. While the spectrum allocated has experienced a number of attacks in the name of emergency services and wireless bandwidth, technology has moved forward to allow the broadcasters to add more content and improve the quality.

    Could you be more specific in stating your concerns?
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  9. I think the appearance of incoherence may be a result of many of his "facts" being false.

    The apparent application of spell-checking isn't helping.
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  10. Alternative facts

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  11. On the other hand, that post at least appears as if he is at least trying to make himself a little more coherent.

    If so, I applaud the attempt, and hope he continues to try to do better.

    I also notice today is his birthday! Happy birthday Ken! :bday :birthday
  12. How could they do much more damage than the last bunch of commissioners did?

    Selling almost half of the OTA spectrum to the highest bidder for private use.
  13. True, meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.

    My concern is more in the direction of the general tone being set by the FCC.

    It would appear Mr. Ajit Pai is bend on doing his best to support Cable and ISP providers at the expense of the consumer.
    With out a doubt the Cable TV providers are unhappy about the move from cable subscriptions to IP TV and OTA.

    He has already stated Net Neutrality must be removed, this will cause IP TV subscriptions to increase.
    What is to keep him from figuring someway to pressure availability of OTA?

    Look to me anything like anything that benefits consumers is bad these days in the eyes of the "new' FCC
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  14. We have an opportunity to try again in 3 years. Congress next year.

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  15. I would sugest you spend five minutes reviewing the corporate donations of Disney (ABC), CBS, Inc., and especially Comcast (NBC), as well as station owning chains like Gray, Hearst, LIN, Nexstar, Tribune, and Weigel before posting again.
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  16. Many seem to hold to the idea that the Internet is some sort of unalienable right and that it is free for the taking. Those people are on dope.

    The gubmint is on a mission to make Internet available, but they certainly aren't going to pay for it; that falls upon the ISPs to do whether they are wireless companies, cable companies, telcos or backbone providers.
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  17. What does this thread have to do with the availability of internet?

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  18. No offense but you sound like one of those Clear TV antenna ads. The networks are not required to do anything. Individual stations broadcast the signals. Broadcast TV has less and less spectrum all the time but it is still her.
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  19. The repack is mostly about wireless Internet and at the moment, the FCC is pretty much all about the repack.
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  20. 'Whether" I get into my Miata or not is entirely dependent on today's WEATHER.
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