The "new" FCC and OTA

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  1. Thank you!!! And have a good day
  3. Repacking so the rich keep getting richer off the por . the fcc is steeping
    All of are history of tv brodcasting channels and sell it to cellphone,
    Junk perviders.and I think we will loos mor channels if moble,tv
    does not work out, because they are uping the power to where
    It should be at, it's time to stop like ham radio did ,
    they told the fcc where to go,it shuld!! be the same,for OTA!!!
  4. On one hand its kinda nice to see more inroads into updating the internet infrastructure and deliver better speeds and reliability in the US, but on the other Its a bit irritating to see bandwidth taken away. Then add in the ATSC 3.0 aspect with the repack and i see all kinds of problems. Plus it will be interesting to see how the reach is with ATSC 3.0. As has been stated in other posts I sure dont know how or how well anything is going to work given bandwidth restrictions with the imminent introduction of ATSC 3.0 and simulcasting in DTV. Only time will tell the true tale, though im skeptical.
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  5. Well heres the rub, there is only so much bandwidth to go around, and some of it is more suited to certain things then others. It became apparent in the early 20th century that usage had to be regulated and it was divvied up and has continued to be divided among different uses accordingly. Now since it was decided that regulation was needed they had to make an agency to decide the rules, the FCC. As new technology becomes available they have to decide where the bandwidth is going to come from. As to the "hams" telling them they couldnt have more bandwidth, couldnt be further from the truth though they have an orginization that can bring concerns to the FCC just like the NAB represents the broadcasters in the country. Fact is if the FCC body decides that frequency needs to be used for something else it will re-allocate it. If the FCC decides that there is a need to use a frequency (lets use tv frequencies for the example here since this is what the repack is all about) for something that is being used more, or there is more of a need of the new item intended to take use of that bandwidth then was there it will do so after hearing whatever arguments and whatever debate they have. So i guess what im saying is the frequencies that are ours to use are only ours because the regulating body says it is, just like Hams usage is based off of licence privileges, and so on.
  6. So true,and the tower experts don't no eathier what will happen.
    I gess that is why they are in test mode. I think 600;MHZ for the
    Free space to use for the problem that may happen,?
  7. Forget about ATSC 3.0 for now. It is at least 10 years away. The repack and channel reallocations are going to be quite involved and take far more time than the FCC has allowed. All the tower adjustments and new transmitters will take years to complete.
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  8. Well hopefully the FCC will have to bite the bullet on that one.
    Broadcasting and American tower has most of the broadcasting industry.
    And they say most of their tower's are ready to go with the reepack.
    But they say when they filp that switch they say they don't know.
    Whats will happen,American!!!
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  9. Nice, pretty clear post!
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