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  1. And by channel share, do you mean they will become a subchannel on a channel we already have?
  3. Yes, but on paper they maintain a separate FCC license.

    - Trip
  5. Wont the three full power stations being moved to channel 26,27 and 28 cause problems?

    Callsign City of License Operator Ph
    12 12 WICU-TV ERIE, PA Lilly Broadcasting

    21 16 WSEE-TV ERIE, PA Lilly Broadcasting 6
    26 22 WFXP ERIE, PA Nexstar Broadcasting 4
    27 50 WQLN ERIE, PA Public Broadcasting of Northwest Pennsylvania 6
    28 24 WJET-TV ERIE, PA Nexstar Broadcasting 4
  6. No. In digital, stations which are close together geographically and have similar antenna patterns/heights/powers can be on adjacent channels. Even today, Los Angeles has 31-32-33-34-35-36, for example.

    - Trip
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  7. FWIW WDCW (CW in the DC market has apparently confirmed they will channel share but has not made it clear who their partner would be. This according to
  8. I want to thank Trip for providing this research and the tools to view things.

    I hope the stations themselves work as well as the website.
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  9. More than that however. In Tampa WUSF sold and isn't going to remain.

    The problem with sharing will be likely the loss of some sub channels - or degradation of signal. And of course as we know harder to get VHF channels.
  10. Do we know this, or is this just the lament of those who drank the HD TV antenna Kool-aide?

    In looking at the LA market, they've certainly packed the DTV stations up at the top end (22-36 are all assigned except for 26 -- still trying to get my head around 27 being assigned to two stations but I guess one faces West and the other East). Makes me wonder what the broadcaster's plan for adding a new modulation scheme might be or if they're going to jockey things around once the second window opens.
  11. I have a VHF high station in my DMA, Wjrt-12. It's one of my easiest to get. High signal, and no preamp needed. Unlike my UHF stations.

    I do have an outside separate VHF antenna. An older Antenna Craft Y10-7-13. It's 10ft long. They were about $26.00 4 years ago, before Antenna Craft went down the tubes with Radio Shacks bankruptcy, so you can't get them anymore. However, a good replacement is this one: and only $35.

    MCM Electronics is a good source of cheap antennas that work well. Solid Signal sells the same Stellar Labs antennas under a different name, just at a higher price than MCM.
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  12. It isn't even up for debate I thought. :) I 100% know this from both the change to digital in Ct and Tampa. I can't even get channel 8 in Ct anymore. (Actual Channel 10) but get channel 59 from the same tower. (Actual channel 59) WTSP in Tampa had no problem when analog reaching it's market but after going digital they had to move to where most of the other towers are and get granted a power increase.
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  14. High VHF is very hit or miss, and it seems to vary by station and, of course, by receive antenna. Low-VHF is pretty universally terrible.

    - Trip
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  15. Notice that none of the Lafayette Louisiana stations made any changes yet. KADN Fox 15 made some changes so I assume KLAF-LD 46 the new NBC channel is branded as NBC15.2, which it was called KLAFTV2 but with the changes I look for either the 46 get sold or shutdown completely, I'll edit when I get more answere
  16. Add MNTV channel 18 out of Lansing Michigan too.
  17. I agree it's very susceptible to high-powered FM radio stations, and electrical interference. I myself had to permanently unplug a Harbor Freight battery charger in my garage (you could pick it up 300 ft away, on an AM car radio!). I also had to replace a noisy Dell laptop power supply I had in my living room. The FM radio issue can be cured with an FM trap filter, and the electrical interference can be methodically eliminated.
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  18. Note that KLAF is not Class A, and thus, not auction eligible.
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  19. Agree. VHF-High considered pretty great real estate (the broadcasters refused to give up VHF-High in the digital transition), and VHF-Low is pretty bad.
  20. No I was referring the station getting sold due to other circumstances that has nothing to do with the auction.
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