The Panasonic HS2 with VOOM

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The Panasonic HS2 is a DVD recorder with a 40GB hard drive. It has different speed modes of recording -- xp & sp being the best. It also has fr (I think that's what is called) which let's you fit a recording to a DVD at the best resolution that it can find.

I have my 721 connected through composite to the HS2. I usually record on the 721 and then transfer those to the harddrive of the HS2 for commercial editing and then to DVD.

I do not use the HS2 for timeshifting right now but the HS2 has the ability to do so. I connected the composite output of the VOOM receiver to the composite input (front) of the HS2. I was trying playing with the picture format on the VOOM receiver and I settled for pillar and letterbox


I recorded survivor last night but since the picture is pillar and letterbox it recorded it very small. When I zoomed the picture using the TV control, I got a nice picture. Yes it is not 100% digital but it does not show the artifacts that usually you get by recording the SD picture from the 721 when Zoomed. This was, of course, OTA channel and I guess that if I do the same with V* SD channels, I will get the same artifact when zoomed.

If I record the HD signal of any HD channel, it is quite nice. Again there is an analog convertion this method but the picture is good.
Better than Sex ?

HI Sean,
Thanks for your description. But I'm not sure I understand what you are doing? Sound similar to Tivo setup ?

The only thing that holds me back from Zoom in no Tivo support. I MUST have this or the family will lynch me. As on now no one can get Tivo to setup the channel line up or even control it w/ the IR.

Is your setup duplicating what Tivo does ?

Thanks from HD newb... I installed a Hitachi 42 Plasma w/ Integra Home theater last year... love the system .. but w/ HD.. better than Sex...


The setup might be similar but it's not Tivo. I think Tivo is more complicated since the programming comes from Tivo and there is no support from Tivo to support Voom's PG. Also, the remote codes might not work with Voom.

The Panasonic DVD recorder (HS2) is a simple time based recorder (like a VCR) that outputs 480p video through component. What I did was to take the feed from VOOM and record it onto the Hard Disk of the HS2 at the highest recording level (XP). The OTA signal looked fantastic.

Now, you can do the same with the 6000 but I have to switch to SD on the 6000 to do it. The advantage of the VOOM receiver (550) is that both SD & HD are simultaneously output. The E* receiver 811 does this and this is probably possible to do it with the 811 as well. Besides the recording capability of the HS2 (Hard Disk or DVD-R or DVD-Ram), it also has the ability to do timeshifting (I am yet to use this).

In conclusion, Tivo is more complicated because of the PG and the remote control. The HS2 is time based so I can program it with the time on the VOOM PG.
I have an HS2 also. Mainly got it to put 20 + years worth of home video movies on DVD.
My main complaint about the unit is that it can't easily be used like a VCR because it will not control ANY sat. box like both our VCRs do. (We have one "controlling BEV, the other D*.) It can do VCR+ if you have cable.
I still have yet to see the need to pay a company $10/mo. to help me program my recording. I have grandchildren, yet I don't need to call my 7 yr. old grand child to set up a program to record on my VCR<G>. It definitely doesn't flash 12:00. The only time or two we have missed a recording is when I forgot to put in a tape. We do a lot of time shifting.
I am def. waiting for a way to record HD programming. The reason I haven't got VOOM is that it can't be recorded. I will get a 921 when BEV offers it and will get either VOOM or D* HD - depending who comes out w. an HD recorder first.

I just ordered Voom and I have the HS2. I would like to be able to record things from Voom with my HS2. How Do you guys set up all the wiring with your HS2, the Voom Receiver & a TV which has DVI?
xtc said:
I just ordered Voom and I have the HS2. I would like to be able to record things from Voom with my HS2. How Do you guys set up all the wiring with your HS2, the Voom Receiver & a TV which has DVI?

I have mine setup through the composite connection in the front. I could have used the s-video as well. Picture is good but never 100% of the original.
So you have Voom connected to the TV through DVI as well as Voom connected to the HS2 through Composite connection? Didn't think of that. How about instead of composite, using a component hookup of Voom to the HS2 while Voom connected to the TV through DVI

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