The Whole AM BC Band Spectrum At a Glance (1 Viewer)

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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Those of you who are AM radio enthusiasts, and those who are AM DX'ers will find the dongle a great addition to the shack. But you'll need an upconverter first. When you have that all hooked up, and a decent antenna (you can use a small ferrite bar antenna too), you'll be able to see the whole AM BC band on a spectral display. Attached is a screen shot as an example, with the dongle-SDR tuned to WCBS 880 KHz from NYC.

I've heard many distant stations like WLS and WSM from my location on the East Coast. You can also tune into HAR (Highway Information Radio) and TIS (Traveler's Information Stations) using the dongle. These stations are found just above the AM band and are very low power, but with the right conditions and patience you'll be able to tune them in.

Careful adjustment of the RF gain will prevent overloading the receiver.



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