They Rescheduled My Friday 811 Install Part II!


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Sep 8, 2003
Traverse City, MI
Dish rescheduled my Friday(12/5) install because they hadn't received their shipment of 811 boxes. I called them yesterday to confirm my Wednesday rescheduled installation, and they informed me that they may not be able to make it because "We're way too busy". Calls to them today have not been returned. I know this is probably typical, but even my cable company has better service than this.
Your not the only one. They totally missed my appointment today. I was pissed. I felt bad expressing my displeasure at the supervisor. He handled it well. But if there is one thing that really perturbs me it is flat out missing an appointment. If they would of called, fine, that is acceptable.

Who are you calling? Dish? or the installer? Dish should be handling this.
Dish left a message for the installer to call and tell me if they are coming or not tomorrow. So if he doesn't get around to it tomorrow, I've missed a second day of work in the name of television.
I would tell them to do it when it is convenient to me, not them, or dont do it at all. I can bet you that there is a good chance he will not show up tomorrow, but you never know.

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