Where is the HDPPV Channel?


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Sep 8, 2003
HDPPV is gone from my 6000's guide and theme menu. Did they drop the HDPPV because of lack of HD OAR movies :tonguencheek:
This must be part of Phase one to get people over to 105. Or else the TP is going to Voom. Are you looking at 61.5 or 148?
The HD-PPV channel was on the transponder that Echostar was forced to vacate today. See this thread for more information.

They have not yet relocated the HD PPV channel to another 61.5 transponder, and it's not yet clear whether they will do so (it is on 105).

I thought Dish was forced to give up the transponders they were not using, not the ones in use.

Thanks for the link. The mud is now clear.
Drats. I was checking to see if LOTR-TT was on yet and the Dish site says the HD PPV is only via 148 at this time:

DISH on Demand PPV in HD
Only available at the 148º orbital location. Requires an enhanced HD adapter.
Movies, sports and events available for the first time on TV. more
HD Movies $5.99

Why can't they put the HD-PPV on the "Special Events" channel since nothing is on it the vast majority of the time, or has Dish really taken that also to make up for loosing the two transponders? Also, when did they slip in the 8PSK requirement???
They finally schedule something I want to watch, and I discover that HDPPV is gone from 61.5. Oh well, I can use that $5.99 for food or something.

This channel obviously isn't a major factor in my life, but it just adds one more reason for me to conclude that HD expansion is dead in the water on Dish, for the forseeable future.

Dish has been a good HD resource for the last four years os so, but given the recent radical changes in priority and direction on HD, I think that as soon as Cox cable has a decent HD PVR available locally, I will look to go back to them. Long term, I believe cable has too many key advantages over satellite.
I was told that the special events and HD-PPV will both be moving to 110 along with HBO and Showtime HD in the next few days.

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