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Sep 6, 2007
Puerto Rico
Hi everybody, hope you can shed me some light.

I recently bought a new TV and would like to watch HD on it. I live in Puerto Rico and as some of you might know we use 2 dishes (119º/110º). If I want to receive HD, do I have to do anything else after installing, activating and ordering HD? What I mean is can I leave my dishes as they are or will I have to re-aim one of them to another satellite?

There is a Puerto Rico HD pak for Puerto Rico with, I believe, 29 HD channels which I guess come from 110º so there won't be a need to add a third dish or re-positioning an existing one. But what if I want to watch more HD channels than the 110º ones?

My locals are at 110º so I can't move that one (4.5' dish). My other dish (6') is aimed at 119º but I receive my distant local networks on that one. If I have to add another dish to receive HD from lets say 61.5º, what do I need? What kind of switch? What size of dish? Etc.

My setup is based on dual legacy lnbs on 2 dishes with 3 receivers.

I've tried to explain every detail so you can make clear or help me out on anything I need. And if there is someone on this forum from Puerto Rico that has HD, please post your experience.

Oh, one more thing... I understand that you can add an external HDD to the 211k receiver to convert it to a DVR... any thoughts on this are welcome also...

Thanks, and sorry if it's been to long... By the way, great forum. :)


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Apr 15, 2008
The setup you are talking about is the one I have. I also live in Puerto Rico (Canovanas).

If you want the PR HD Pack all you have to do is call and add it. Of course you need an HD capable receiver 211K, 622, 722 etc.

To add HD platinum, those are the HD channels from 61.5, you need to take you 6 footer antenna and re-aim it to that sat. To do that, is no easy task. When I re-aimed mine it took me about two weeks. If you have the right tools, then is easy. You will need a compass and an inclinometer. I got all the information online. If you need more assistance with that I can send you the links.

Now you need another antenna for 119, a 4 footer is adequate. And since you have now tree satellites and three receivers you need a SW64. This is a legacy switch for 3 sat and 4 receivers. I bought mine on ebay. Be careful when buying this switch because it have to come with a power inserter to be able to use it, this is a transformer to add electricity to the switch.

With that in place, and everything working, you then go online to and add the HD platinum online and you will have around 60 HD channels. Be aware that if you live in the east part of the island some transponders from 61.5 wont work, like tp 19 and 24.

About the 211K, yes you can add an external HD, you need to call dishnetwork pay a $39.99 one time fee and you have a DVR.


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Jun 8, 2005
I wouldn't spend much time on setting up 61.5 as HD on this satellite is moving to 72.7 by the fall and 72.7 does not cover your area I believe.

But wait... there is good news! E-14 is going up next month with better coverage to your area. I know they have at least 3 TP's on spotbeams first in line for PR. I would expect more national HD from these beams.

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