Thinking of buying a Dish... some ?'s


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Sep 28, 2006
I haven't looked at a Dish package since they offered the HDTV & Reciever packages for like $999 (a few years ago). I never subed to DISH or DirecTV.
Can one still walk into a store and buy a package deal that one ctake home and be watching TV the same day? I want HD, and probably a DVR, does dish still operate DVR's after the Tivo suite?
What's the min package to get Fox Sports & Fox News? (FNC not as important as I still have it on BUD)
Is there any advantage to buying the equipment upfront? I believe you still need to pay a "rental" fee to use the DVR & 2 tuner options anyways, plus looks like the HD DVR is an extra $200 upfron anyway.
I guess the latest HDDVR is the 622? It says 2 tv outputs. Does this mean I can watch HD directly on my main TV, & output the 2nd to a modulator to feed the rest of my house?
Is there a commitment? Can I cancel in 6 months and owe nothing? I suppose if I "rent" the equipment I'd need to return it, but if I buy it it's mine to keep.

I may have more questions, but that's it for now.

If you can find a reliable local retailer, go there. Radio Shack used to do the installs really quick. Installing a HD setup yourself is difficult and I would not recommend it to any newbie.

Forgot to mention, a family member used to be an installer, so between us, we have the knowledge to put up a new dish, as long as the package includes the neccessary parts ie switches, lnbs, etc.
It it now a "superdish" and everything on 110-119? or do you still need to hit 61 or 128? to get the HD content?
You probably can walk in and buy it from someone local. But the cost would probably be beyond imaginable unless you find a dealer willing to get you to let him activate it on the spot before you walk out the door with his equipment. And that is not wise since dish is going to hold him responsible for the warranty of YOUR installation... Many local installers can install same day or next day and you get it professionally done. I would try your local dealer first.

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