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Jun 24, 2008
Sorry, im sure you guys are fed up of people like me asking the same questions but i hope i get thrown a bone :)

I had dish a while ago, maybe 18mths now and it was great, the 622 was a nice dvr. Of course powers that be wanted on demand so we had to switch back to comcast. After a couple of weeks with their dvr we switched to tivohd (removing the beloved on demand). Long story short (too late) i am pretty much fed up with the fees comcast charges and the extra cost for a decent dvr.

I looked at directv as their system apparently only needs one dish... nice. I also found out that dish has a 1000 (but not in my area) so you dont need two 500's??

I like the look of the dish hd absolute package but being a bit of a bargain hunter i was hoping to get the skinny on the best deals to be had.

I read somewhere that you can get cinemax for a penny for 12mths? is this true?

I also recall their site saying you could get 3mths free premium channels, i dont see this any more, and it doesnt appear when you go through the builder?

Can i get more than one dvr? their online system doesnt seem to offer it?

Thanks in advance!
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