Third Party Commercial on MonsterHD


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Jun 25, 2004
Today I saw a commercial for "Sky Captain" on MonstersHD. I don't remember ever having seen commercials on the Voom exclusives, save for their own content.

Is this a recent development?
No, I have been seeing new movie trailers for the past 2-3 weeks. Personally, I don't mind them just as long they are ONLY movies trailers - they are ALL Monsters/Sci-Fi related - and they are ONLY shown during Intermission.
I've had Voom since November and they have been advertising theater releases on Monsters since the begining
Yeah only during the intermissions though, which I don't mind one bit, they can use the money to turn one of the Cinema 10 channels into a Sci-Fi only channel, and convert Moov into bandwidth for the other channels.
I've been recording all the MonstersHD graphics and trailers, then when I burn a movie, I put lead-in trailers and graphics on the disc, it's really cool. I put trailers that kind of match the type of movie on the disc. Like for Psycho I put some other Psycho type of movies as trailiers.

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