Timers move from DVR1 to DVR2


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May 5, 2004
Hi everyone,

I just got the 522 and am trying to set up DVR timers. I have about 7 timers on DVR2 and 1 on DVR1. When I add more timers on DVR1 they somehow get switched over to DVR2. I.e., I go to the Channel Guide, find what I want to record, and press Record, create a timer, and save it. It initially shows up as DVR1, but then the next time I see the timer list it is on DVR2.

This is really annoying since I basically can't create any DVR1 timers reliably.

I browsed through the other posts on this forum and haven't seen this issue. Is it just me? Do I have a defective box? Or is the software just incredibly bad?


You need to change the "Record Plus" option. Using your remote, enter the following combination:

Menu - Preferences (8) - Record Plus (6)

And go to the far left option ("Activation") and change it to "Disable." This feature comes turned on by default and sends recordings to TV2 automatically so you can watch live TV uninterrupted on TV1. My instructions above should fix you up. Good luck.
ChrisCoop said:
You need to change the "Record Plus" option. Using your remote, enter the following combination:

Menu - Preferences (8) - Record Plus (6)

ChrisCoop is correct, this is where one sets the basic tuner record default. This is not a software glitch, but a much needed auto record enhancement. Most people enable the record preference tuner for timers to default to the tuner they use the least so as to give them more freedom for auto record or use on demand recording while watching their main tv/tuner in real time.

It doesn't make much sense to be watching and auto recording a program on your main TV/tuner1 and have a timer event previously set for tuner 1 interrupt your program and auto change the channel you are watching in order to record a different program. If you do want to watch a previously programmed timer event in real time you can easily select it while it is being recorded on either tuner.

On the other hand, if you have already set up a timer event for tuner 2 in the same time frame, the new timer will auto default and remain, on tuner 1 without asking you.
I just got Dish last week and have a 522 in our master bedroom as TV1 with a cable to my sons bedrooms as TV2. We have noticed the same thing, and I think I understand how the record plus is supposed to work, but it sure doesnt seem to be working that way. Mine is set up with Record Plus enabled and the preferred record TV is TV1, I guess that is the default. Anyway.. I would think that would mean that anytime I set a timer on TV1, it would record on TV1 unless TV1 is being used and TV2 was idle. But that is not what is happening. What is happening intermittently (it appears random, but I am not totally sure who was using what TV at all times...) is that when the timer kicks in, it just sometimes decides to go to TV1. I happened to catch it today and was able to check out both TVs.... the timer that was set on TV1 started recording on TV2. At the time, both receivers were on and both TV sets were off.

I agree that the Record Plus is a good idea, but I would like it go to the TV I set as preffered FIRST, and then roll to the other if #1 is busy.

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