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Dec 1, 2003
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Last Charlie Chat made no mention of TNT HD. I do believe Charlie did say that as soon as TNT HD is available it will be add to Dish's lineup.
I saw an advertisement during the NBA All Star game indicating TNT HD is debuting in May.

Is this not going to happen since Echostar is now fighting with Turner over a broadcasting agreement.

Anybody have any ideas about what is going on?
exactly what hd channels out there is unique not a one its all availble on sd channels hbo hd is hboeast most of the time same with showtime hd and cbs hd and so on and so forth comeon charlie quality is the main reason that dvds replaced vhs and to some small part is the extras dvds that come with most new releases
Well if they find some magical bandwidth, hopefully there's a chance we'll get it. TNT is unique in that they will have sports, shows and other stuff. The only stuff that is in HD on Starz and Cinemax are movies, so although they would be nice to have, they are looking to use the bandwitdth for HD for another channel. Bravo HD is unique but they only have a 6 hour programming loop so it's a little dumb there. Hopefully we'll get TNT
One thing that TNT-HD will probably have going for it...NASCAR in HD!!! Since Daytona was broadcast in HD, the rest of the first half of the season has been on FOX, which has been in ED 480p. The second half of the season will be on NBC and TNT. The NBC races, from what I have read elsewhere will be in HD. Since the exact same broadcast team does all the races whether on NBC or TNT, it would only make sense that the TNT races will be in HD as well. THAT gives TNT-HD ALOT of appeal, I would think!
Well I am one who does not have an HDTV yet, but am getting one within the next few months. IMO all HD is unique. 480p at leasts over 480i is a big difference to me. I have seen HD at my uncle's house and i think it's amazing. I would really love to see Nascar in HD though, and you make a good point DWS44. Nascar is the second highest rated sport by Neilsen Media Research, and the basketall woud be awesome too. Bring on the HD Charlie, at least the channels that are not entirely dedicated to movies.
Charlie's comments about "unique" refer to content, not the fact that it is in HD. I'm with you guys, I actually sit through commercials that are HD or a good upconvert and I hate commercials. My original comment was meant to be sarcastic because Charlie just doesn't want to ante up the bandwidth, he wants to waste it on locals and other crappy channels. True, DiscoveryHD has lots of repeats but it is unique, you don't find it anywhere else.

You guys that are holding out for Charlie to add more HD should really try Voom, it's a great deal for the money, I could not be happier. Between OTA HD, Dish HD Pack and Voom, I have more HD than I can possibly watch, and the SD channels look much better than Dish SD (for the most part, there are a few losers). Once Voom implements their HD PVR, Dish will be left in the dust.

HDNET starts the CART races this Saturday! That should be ultra-cool on the bigscreen.