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Jan 9, 2007
North Tonawanda NY
Hi everyone, 1st time out for me. Here is my dilemma, I have a Prodelin 8 foot fiberglass dish on 4 inch black pipe that I have had since 93 and had to move it last week because it loosened up. Not bad considering 14 years of free standing in the winds we get up here in WNY. Anyway we put a new pole in the ground with 7 bags of cement and it really is set up nice.

The other day my installer calls me and ask's me if I would be interested in a 10 foot mesh dish he just took down that was also about the same age as mine but was in great condition. He said as he took it apart he noticed how well every part was and it didn't seem to have any real corosin to it. He said we would use all new hardware and change the feedhorn for a new Corrotor ll and use my lnb's which are only a year or two old or use mine if it was still in excellent condition.

So I ask the question what is he thinking here and he says, one third the weight and a lot less wear and tear on the mast in the wind. The constant buffeting has taken it's toll and that mesh should be easier on the pole. We can also hope that C-Band is going to be here for the duration and hopefully we won't have to change the pole again if we lighten it up. He says he will have to do some surgery to the pole to get it to 3 1/2 inches by cutting and welding to accommidate the mesh dish.So now I ask him if I will see an improved signal stregnth for my digital HBO's and Showtime and he believes that I would.

Now I am here asking the group what you think of such a move. Is it going to be a substantial improvment to where my reception will be much better? Right now I am getting HBO in at a quality reading of 57 during the daytime and most nights it is in the 40's. I would like to see it upwords of 70 plus but it hasn't been that high in years. So what say you???? and many thanks in advance............
If you trust your installer go with the bigger dish, with a well aimed 10' you should get well in the 80's-90's on HBO, if the dish is not warped and the mesh it tight for ku-band then I would jump on this asap.
Good luck!
thank you for your input on my delemma. I just have to wait and see what he comes up with for the swap out price. I allready know that he doesn't want my old dish but he will take it away. I will have to make sure to use as much of my existing system as posible..
I had a similar situation a few years ago.

Had a 3-1/2 in pole planted in the back yard. First dish I got had the same size mount. BEFORE I got the dish mounted on the pole, a storm blew through and picked up my 1st (used) 8' solid aluminum dish (laying on the ground in back yard) and rolled it into a piece of scrap aluminum. So, I went in search of another used c-band dish.
Found a 10' Fiberglass dish.

Only problem was that it had a 4" mount. I wasn't about to dig out my newly planted 3.5" pole, so I had an "adapter" pipe (3.5" ID) welded to the mount of the 10' dish. Raised it up a little, but worked great. Just make sure the "adapter" pipe is welded straight onto the mount.
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