Top Teams Willing to take on Manny Ramirez's Contract?

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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
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I was thinking the Red Sox should consider trading Manny Ramirez due to the fact that he is making a cool 20 mil next year 1 mil less then A'rod....Any teams in your opinion that would trade for him?
Mr. Hicks in Texas may take on his contract as well and fire everyone else. He can have a 25 men team made up of A. Rod and Manny :D

Seriously, who's going to take on that contract. It has been proven that in Baseball that pitching gets you to the playoff and one man does not. I rather have 20 mil distributed within 3 solid players and not to one. Next, comes the Manny's bad attitude and the garbage that he brings to the clubhouse. Is he a team player? I do not have enough information about but the rumors are that he is not. I'll pass on him if I were a baseball GM.
I agree Sean, someone with that kind of money could sign Guerrero or Sheffield for a 5-10 million less per year.
Good fit for Texas, hehe but Buck would never have him. Who needs an attitude like his in the clubhouse? Although a gifted talent, he's poison.
Really bush display in last Saturday's game.
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