Zimmer lashes out at Steinbrenner

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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
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Can you believe this? As if this guy hasn't already been part of enough chaos this post-season, he picks this as his time to go off?

Not that I can blame him for being upset with Steinbrenner, but could the timing be any worse? I mean, good grief, he's been holding this in for 11 months, and he picks the night the team wins the ALCS to do this? He couldn't wait 1 more week? This is just going to be a distraction and controversy for the Yanks to deal with now, when they should be focusing on the World Series.

Unbeleivable. How selfish -- or more to the point, stupid -- can you be? Is there any worse timing to do something like this? Especially considering that the whole season will be over in a week, and then he could have said anything he wanted to, without having to worry about it interfering with the team's championship aspirations.
Agree. Very bad timing. Zimmer should just shut up and let the team play and in the off season quit/talk.

John, I was shocked last night when the cameras showed that the Red Sox had decided to paint the World Series logo in Fenway Park (behind home plate). Bad move by Red Sox ownership. They thought it was a done deal :hammer:

Same for Bernie Mac in declaring the Cubs champs in the bottom of the 7th in game 6.

Bernie Mac and Red Sox might have cursed their teams by declaring victory before the last 27th out was recorded. As Yogi said It's not over 'till is over.
No big deal with Zim, IMO. Everybody in the clubhouse knows him and loves him as he is. They're used to him. Hell, he's fought with George before and he quits every year. :)
I suppose you could question the timing but essentially it's a non-issue. To make anything more out of it is just grasping at straws.
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