Top Ten reasons to watch BingoTV


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Oct 13, 2003
Yea okay I know the channel sucks, but for some reason I couldnt stop flipping back to it. I also couldnt think of 10 reasons, so maybe y'all can help fill in the blanks

1. Hot chicks talking about balls for two hours
2. ashley making a fool out of her self calling the DVR a DVDR
3. The dish engineering chick talking about tech toys
4. The hope that someday Ch 491 goes on air.. "bingotv uncensored, behind the scenes, lesbian lust"
5. "can we get a shot of that mouth" during the smiley face bingo card
6. "I want to torture you some more" (does the engineering chick have a fetish?!?!?)
7. The sneaking suspicion they have a few drinks between games since the girls are mighty giddy by the end of the show.

Actually what I thought of while flipping through this channel.. What a waste of bandwidth. Even the bingotv website is all about how to market products to people with dvrs, since they skip commericals. Boo on dish.
Waht's Worse is that DISH thinks this is an original idea. TV Bingo has been on Local Channel 38 WMKG here in Muskegon for about 10 years. It's big with the blue hair crowds (why go over to the church and risk a broken hip when you can play BINGO from your Lazy-Boy?).

How much more Couch Potato can the US become?
Bash if you will. The woman in the house was one short of winning a HDTV and 821 last week and two short of a 721 this week. They give away some cool stuff. DVRs, iPods, grills, TV's, cash etc.
If you are playing with 20 other viewers, well your chances are better. You should win next week. :D
That's how it is here in Oregun, but I shouldn't complain, I work for an Indian Tribe that runs the biggest Casino in Oregun.
It probably keeps people glued to their TV's instead of getting them out to the gambling houses.

Scott, your avatar is very fitting, that's exactly how I picture you running this board.
Ya see, that's the problem with the rest of the country: ya'll get caught up in semantics! Here in Louisiana, once home to the most corrupt lottery in the nation*, we don't allow gambling. This is in spite of the fact that we have horse racing, 2 lotteries, oodles of scratch-and-lose tickets, and some 20-or-so casinos. We jus' call it gaming instead of gambling. What's the difference you ask? Two letters and one is banned by the state constitution & an act of Congress.

*In the 19th century, we had a lottery run by the lt. gov. that was so bad, he was run out of the country and Congress had to ban it when he continued running it from Mexico. Out state constitution subsequently was re-written to ban gambling. Does this end our story? No! A progressive governor some 90-or-so years later figured out that we could do what we wanted by just defining it differently. Thus we have no gambling but plenty of "gaming." Where is this clever governor now, you ask? Doing time in a federal pen in Texas because the Feds were either (a) a lil' bit smarter than the locals or (b) PO'ed that they weren't getting their cut. Why did we fall for this, you ask? Because we were promised that the money would go straight to improving education! Did it, you ask? When was the last time you heard a politician tell the truth, I ask?

This history & economics lesson/political commentary brought to you by an extremely jaded voter with too much time on his hands. :D
8. Watch the April 7th broadcast, pay attention to the Super Bingo pot amount (probably wrong, I don't watch BingoTV), then be the first with the answer on the April 12th Charlie Chat, and win an HDTV-in-a-Box package.

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