When is free not free??

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RANT ON.....
Only Dish can make it difficult to view something for free...

The NCAA Hockey games were picked up by Dish from Victory Sports (since Victory isnt on any big cable or satellite providers in MN) for free. (see here for more info on that)

From the Dish site:

NCAA Division I Men's Hockey Regionals
LIVE March 26 – 28
FREE on DISH Network
Channel 464

Available in limited areas including, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota
So tonight I scan as far in the future as my guide will allow, and let in download (I have a 5000 so it took forever), and tried to select a game (like I am going to create a timer) and guess what it says....This is a subscription channel that you havent purchased.....
So I go to my dad's and try it...and his will work! So I go back home and pull my 301 out of mothballs, plug it in, let it download, and what happens...it will let me program it (probably b/c I use to have top 50 on it)...but the screen keeps saying "your smartcard isnt authorized...blah blah blah"....

So I decide to call Dish...what a mistake...called them twice..
1st one said since it was PPV (464), you have to pay for it.
2nd one said make sure I was on the right channel because "Dish doesnt put free programming on the PPV channels". I asked maybe because I have only locals and she reiterated the above. She tried the blackout rule (since its on local)...I said its only available for MN & the Dakotas.


2 things
Anybody in MN, ND or SD and is going to view the games...make sure you can!! (try to do the timer thing like I did)
Anybody with contacts at Dish (Scott??)...Do you have to have a basic package (Top60) to view it or is it free for all people in MN & Dakotas??

If you need a package, I can live with that.(Ill record it at my dad's)..I cant live with the line "Dish doesnt put anything for free on the PPV channels"
nope...mine is
my dad's isnt
the 301 isnt

I think you need to have at least AT60 to get it for free (which sucks IMO)
Called Dish again and talked to someone who knew what was going on.

To see the games in MN & the Dakotas, you have to have a package (top60 or greater)

All I got is locals......bummer :(

I guess I'll be spending some "quality" time with my dad :D

Got home at it's not a subscription channel. And I guess that CSR was wrong...Dish DOES put free items on PPV :):):):)


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