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Nov 1, 2006
Hi everyone. Presently have cable, but will be dropping it soon. The only reason we have it is for the cable internet. DSL is coming this month, so we want to go with a Dish.

Totally confused. Not sure what we need. We have 5 TV's - 1 is a HD. Don't have Tivo, but the wife will want something like it. There is an old Starband Dish on the roof, so I know we can pickup DN (we have some big trees). What I need to know is what equipment will be needed? How many cables are needed to each TV? I would want to run my own, instead of having the installer do it. Any advice will be appreciated!
The only advantage with the installer is the free receivers. If you choose to bypass the installer, you would have to buy all 5 receivers yourself. I would think that is the case. I may be wrong.

Your LNB will need to be able to handle all 5 TVs. That will probably require at least a dual LNB. Let a few others chime in, they may have some better ideas.
If I was in your shoes I would go with a 622(dual tuner HD/DVR) and ether a 625/522(dual tuner DVR) or 322(dual tuner). That is a four TV hookup. Only if you plan on having all 5 TV's on different channels at the same time would you add a 311/301(single tuner). If it was me I would use the 2nd tuner on eather the 622,522, or 322 to split to go to my 5th TV and just buy a 2nd UHF remote for it. To hook up a 622 and a 625/522/322 all you need is one wire from each location to a juntion and from that juntion 2 wires to the dish. I would let the installer hook it all up because if you don't know how to use diplexers and seperators you will have one heck of a headache for nothing, I guess just to say you did it your self? P.S. Hook up a phone line into the receivers it will save you $10 a month.

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