Transponder Signal Loss


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Jan 13, 2004
I am in MA and using 811. Usually my signal strength on the 110 bird is ~60-70% (depends on the transponder), (I almost always get > 100% on 119 bird).
Now I am losing programming broadcast on the higher transponders (16 and above) on 110 (for example some Starz and TMC channels) if the weather is a little bad (cloudy). If I go to the setup and see the signal strengh (e.g transponder 18 on 110), it then shows about 45-50%. Is this how it is supposed to be or something is messed up?

When the dish was first installed, I remember, 110 used to show about 80-90%. Then, once my dish got de-aligned because of strong wind (about 4 months back), and I had to pay $99.00 to dish to send an installer to fix it (The dish is on the roof and I can't reach it. I did not check the signal strength on 110, 'cause I did not have any programming on 110 back at that time.

Sorry for the long post but what should I do now? :confused:
first check the "RG6"connectors that you can reach , make sure they clean and tight
then get a "freind" with a ladder to check the other "RG6" connectors and then peak
the signal.
Or get the warranty plan that covers these problems
How much signal strength do you guys get usually in east coast for the 110 bird?

Just Got my 522....and it is sweet! So long cable....

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