Just Got my 522....and it is sweet! So long cable....


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Mar 19, 2004
See ya later Adelphia cable crooks, I just got my Dish Network service with the 522 box installed today! I have heard the pro's and the con's all over the internet including this message board. I have to say that I have not really had it long enough for any problems to spring up yet, but.....this thing is AWESOME! If it works as designed, this thing will be a very good move.I am so psyched about getting this service, and almost as excited as giving Adelphia the big old boot in the !&#$%. My fingers could not dial the Adelphia number fast enough to cancell their overpriced, inferior service. I get so many more channels AND DVR, AND pay a lot less than I did to the cable pigs! If you have cable, I suggest you give it the boot NOW! I had Adelphia's cable internet along with the rest of their overpriced services. I now have Verizon DSL, and let me tell you....it seems just about as fast. The only potential problem I can see so far with the DSL is that the email upload speed seems a bit slow. The slower email can be tolerated though since I am saving money on that as well! The download speeds seem pretty close to cable though. With no contract, lower prices, and more for my buck, I am a VERY happy camper today! Sorry for sounding so silly (happy), but I feel like I just won the lottery or something! Woo hoo...c-ya cable pigs
Welcome aboard! Glad to see you're pleased. Grab some Club Dish cards, show your friends and convert them. (I'm almost got my stubborn father in-law to switch.. whew)
That's what I'm talkin' about! I gave my crappy cable company the boot too and haven't looked back. When I had Time Warner in NC cable was sweet with DVR and HD. But here in Atlanta cable licks balls. Dish has it's problems but for the most part, it kicks ass.
I would love to get those cards and watch my bill get lower, and lower! It is already lower as compared to the stupid cable bills I had to pay. When you can get more for less....how can people not buy into that? There are too many plusses that the dish has over cable. Less $$ is a great selling point. I am telling EVERYONE I know to switch.....NOW! I can see my bill shrinking already! Down with the cable thieves....err pigs.

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